You cannot avoid all scars, but you can do many things to improve how a scar looks. You can also prevent scars by taking steps to prevent injuries and other damage to your skin.

  • Pay attention to your skin. Talk to a doctor early about acne plus other conditions and diseases that can damage the skin.
  • Follow your doctor's instructions for caring for your skin, wounds and scars. Ask questions about how to use products and medicines, and use them the right way every time.
  • Learn how to care for scabs, acne pimples and similar skin conditions. Do not pick scabs or squeeze pimples, because this can cause scarring.
  • Learn about your risk for getting different types of scars. Some types might be common among members of your family.
  • Understand how wounds heal, so you will know when your skin is most at risk for scarring or re-injury.
  • Protect healing skin and scars by using skin products with sunscreen and onion extract.