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We are applying Mederma cream on my sons face & after sometime one thin layer form on the place of application on face. Please tell me is that ok? – Anil 1 Answer

I have used mederma for over one and half years, I believe that this is very good product. Please tell me, between mederma gel and mederma intense gel which one is better? – Abhishek 1 Answer

I apply mederma gel thrice a day, but whenever I apply there is some irritation on my skin, what should I do? – Abhishek 1 Answer

I have purchased one Mederma Cream for my daughter who has a nail mark on her face. After application of cream for over 2 month I have not found any progress what is to be done? – Sunil 1 Answer

I just want to know will the mederma cream help me in getting rid of the holes formed on face due to chicken pox? – Neha 1 Answer

I used mederma cream for 3 months and only 20% improvement I can see; results are not as expected, I'm not happy with mederma skin care for scars. I would like to get a refund for the same. – Sahbaz 1 Answer

Hello, I have started using mederma for past 2 days on my face, on the stitch scars 3 times a day. I have noticed skin peeling on the applied area. Is this normal? Also I cannot wash the area after every application because the stitches are just removed. So is it ok to re-apply the cream over the previous application without washing? – Vaibhav 1 Answer

I wish to know that is it ok to clean my face using neem or apricot scrub or should I use only water before applying mederma? What are your suggestions? 1 Answer

Please suggest me, how do I identify that I have bought original product, also how do I apply it on face scars. 1 Answer